Adding signature to a PDF in Linux, Ubuntu

How to annotate a PDF on Linux, Ubuntu?

Do you want to add your signature in Linux, Ubuntu, just like in Preview on MacOS?

You can do so easily with the Xournal tool, and Google Drawings.

Create the signature as a SVG

  1. Open Google Drive

  2. Click New (maybe you need to click More) and Google Drawings

  3. Click the line with 2 dots next to the Arrow and select Scribble

    • Google Draw
  4. Create your signature and click File and Download as .svg

If we use .svg, then the signature won’t loose quality when scaling. Feel free to use .jpg or .png

Install Xournal for Linux

To add the signature we just created, to a .pdf, we will use the free software Xournal

  1. Install Xournal

    apt-get install xournal

  2. Open Xournal and select File menu -> Annotate PDF and choose your .pdf file.

  3. Click Tools menu -> Image
    • Or click the Image, (icon of a person) Xournal
  4. Select File menu -> Export to PDF

This is based on this stackexchange answer