Orihuela Costa bike lanes

Orihuela Costa bike lanes

The plan for this blog post, is to show the need for more bike lanes in Orihuela Costa.

Why build more bike lanes?

  • So people on bikes / scooters can travel safely and more efficiently.
  • It is a proven fact that when bicycle lanes are built, more people start using them.
    • Look at Valencia, Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam etc.
  • Less cars, less traffic.
  • Less air and noise pollution.
  • More parking spaces for those who still use the car.

In order for people to use bike lanes, the bike lanes need to be faster and easier to use.

Many foreigners live in Orihuela Costa, either full time or part time. These are often people from northern Europe that are used to biking, and you can see people over 65 riding their bikes around the area.

Population 2018 (Wikipedia)

  • Orihuela: 76.778
  • Orihuela Costa: 20.005

This is the current and planned bicycle lanes

Bike lanes on http://www.opencyclemap.org/

Notice how many bike lanes the neighboring city, Pilar de la Horadada has.

In the La Zenia shopping mall, we see this sign about the benefits of biking.

Possible improvements

All the pictures below are taken in Jan-Feb 2021, during offseason + Covid-19 restrictions.

The road Ctra. de Villamartín, from La Zenia to Villamartin (in the North West) has a bridge over AP7.

The bridge has a mixed bicycle / pedestrian lane which ends suddenly like this:

We often see people walking here:

According to the plan, there should be a bicycle lane here.

Click the image above to open in Google Maps

Then the second roundabout to Calle Clavo

Calle Clavo

The bridge over N332 can only fit 1 person. If you meet someone on the ramp, you have to wait your turn.

We can also find painted bicycle signs on the street.

Are they useful?

Do they provide security to bicyclists?