Here are some causes I care about:

Basic Income

  • Give everyone a basic salary so they have a safety net, and can follow their passion.

Bicycle infrastructure (and public transport)

  • Give people the opportunity to not having to own a car, but still travel fast and securely.

Online democracy

  • Be able to vote on some issues online, not all, since online voting will never be 100% secure.

  • Examples:

Shorter working week

  • We have not in our lifetime seen so much progress in efficiency (Internet, Robots, AI, Machine Learning), still the work week has not changed in many years (depending on country).
  • 1971 - Iceland, law on a 40 hour work week was set, and still stands today.
  • German union fights for 28 work week

Sustainable living

I try to:

  • travel using my own energy
  • buy items without packaging. - Who needs a banana wrapped in plastic?
  • buy items created closeby, not on the other side of the world
  • reduce meat consumption
  • eat seasonal food


Simpler tax system

  • Do you know a person who can accurately do their taxes?

Free education

  • In Denmark, students get paid to go to school for ~4 years

Free healthcare

  • In Denmark, healthcare is free.